Shadi Alzaqzouq

Shadi Alzaqzouq is a Palestinian painter and a visual artist whose work focuses on identity issues. He was himself confronted to these problems, as he was forced to exile during his earlier years, that he spent partly in Libya and in Egypt, before joining Gaza, in Palestine.


In Paris since 2005, the artist depicts his experience through his work, largely inspired by events such as « The Arab Spring » and the punk revolution. Using his creations, he wishes to fight against all forms of extremism, whether they are religious radicalization, or islamophobia. Shadi Alzaqzouq’s singularity lies in his way to treat unusual topics that are deeply anchored to current events in a very academic way and with surrealism, giving his painting a sublime dimension.

Inside me a tent
Paris Calling
Panik Panik
God bless Banksy
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