Sabine Delhaut

Sabine Delahaut was born in Liege, Belgium. After studying sewing and model making, she gained her diploma in Easel Painting at the Beaux-Arts Institute, where she studied interior and furniture design and had courses in printmaking techniques.

Sabine has lived in Paris since 2006, and was an assistant at the Atelier Contrepoint (formerly the celebrated Atelier 17 founded by William Stanley Hayter) from 2008-2012. She was initiated there in the technique of using the burin for engraving and the printing of simultaneous colours. She works now in her own studio in Paris.

Her work has been included in a large number of international group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions throughout Europe. In 2017, she was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix at the 10th Biennal de Gravures Contemporaines de Trois-Rivières in Quebec, Canada. Her practice mainly includes intaglio printmaking and drawing, with shared influences, subject

matter, and style in both medium. Sabine draws inspiration from everyday life, streets scenes, news, and politics, as well as from her own memories and dreams, fairy tales, and mythology.


She likes to play with double meanings. Composing her images like a puzzle, she creates hybrid characters to describe the complexity of our nature torn between our wild parts and the “civilized” ones. She stages her characters with an eighteenth- and nineteenth-century atmosphere, including many animals as silent witnesses of our decadence.


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