Maher Maaoui (MaMa) is a self taught painter who was born in 1982 and raised in Tunisia before settling in France in 2004.


He started to paint while he was around 10 years old after his father, a wooden toys maker, offered him a book called "L'Art de Voir" (The Art of Seeing). Since then, he intensely dissected his parents' painting collection, mostly composed of Tunisian artists of the 20th century.


Through the years traveling and living in France and abroad, spending countless hours in the museums of modern and contemporary art, his desire to create became a vital need enhanced by life cycle events.

His work is essentially autobiographical, resulting from his daily observations, his lived experiences and raw emotions. His creative process raises philosophical and sociological questions, always in search of universality.

MaMa is exploring human vibrations and emotions through a research focused on both abstraction in the portraits and new forms of representation. He uses video, photography and more precisely the pixelation of numerical images in exploring human figures while constantly experimenting new technics.


Since 2015, his work was selected in international art fairs and collective shows in Paris, São Paulo, Venice, and recently in Tokyo.

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