Dorra Mahjoubi

Dorra Mahjoubi was born in Tunis in 1990. Her artistic academic studies started at the Institute of FIne Arts in Tunis in 2013 after a licence in social Law. She decided to join art studies. Dorra Mahjoubi is based in France since 2016 and attended Paul Valéry University in Montpellier which permitted her to deepen her knowledge and obtain a Master degree in contemporary Art History.


She is currently preparing a PhD in contemporary art history. The Artist oriented her work towards political experiences. At a time when the feelings of urgency in the world - whether climatic, migratory, or the of identity - are jostling, Dorra Mahjoubi left the spheres of the disengaged arts to put herself at the service of reality. Faced with the dilemma of nationality, she choses Mediterranean citizenship and refuted any notion of a political frontier to better question the intimate borders that live inside the persons subjected to the process of emigration-immigration; for, as she affirms with conviction, "to take root on either side of the sea is to constantly face the absence, to accept to be built in silence. It is to exist paradoxically twice and only exist as a half ".


Dorra’s work has been exhibited in both tunisian and french galleries, her project aspires to be developed between the two shores of the Mediterranean. She’s a versatile artist: she sings, paints, draws, performs, writes poems and articles. Since she defies borders, there is no limit to her artistic expression.


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